SafetyPro Engineer is a software application designed to streamline the reporting of our Engineer Surveyor’s Examinations. It was developed for us, following a brief prepared by Plansafe Solutions Ltd, by Napier University.

The program has been in use for many years and has proved itself to be a major advancement in reporting and scheduling the Engineer Surveyor’s work. The programme allows the Engineer to work with an ipad on site and, following a check list of items, completes the reports, adding comments where required and, after checking for mistakes, synchronises with the server and the report is produced. The report is available for viewing and downloading immediately.

Recent, further developments include time management and billing so that the whole process is controlled by one package. The time management and billing element are used, and can be by others, independently of the Engineer Survey reporting. Similarly, the platform on which the reporting system is based can be used for managing the reporting of any process that requires inspection/examination of equipment with a resultant report.

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Plansafe Solutions’ own use of this product has demonstrated following benefits:

• Massive savings on administrative time.

• Simplification of recording inspection data.

• Reduction in engineer’s site time.

• Increases engineer’s economic efficiency.

• Maintains efficient and professional reporting style.

• Secure online storage of client data.

• Clients access leads to significant savings in printing and stationary, postage, efficient bill paying.

• Clients can produce their own duplicate reports.

• The amount of time saved - both in office administration and by engineers who no longer have to prepare reports at the end of the day - is extensive, allowing them more time to dedicate to client work.

Engineer’s Comments

Engineer Sam Shipley has been using Safetypro Engineer now for 4 years and has been closely involved with Plansafe doing our Beta Testing on the product.

“Safetypro is such an amazing step forward for Engineer Surveyors, it saves so much time on admin support and Engineers site time that it easily pays for itself. If anyone had told me that my time on report writing would be reduced so dramatically I wouldn’t have believed them, all I have to do now is check I haven’t made any mistakes and then the software does everything else. It has saved endless hours for the typists on reports, printing them and then sending them out by post; the client now just goes and gets his own report online. I have used other software packages for this type of work but the fact that Engineers have been involved in the development of Safetypro means that all the phrases and pre-determined comments are just right and where you have to input or add new assets the predictive text is such a great advantage. I certainly wouldn’t go back to using the systems I have used in the past after using Safetypro.“

Plansafe have undertaken the statutory examinations of our lifting equipment for a number of years and their reports have always been well produced and very professional. Since they started to use the SafetyPro platform we have also benefited by having direct access to our reports from the SafetyPro database. We were given a secure user name and from this we were easily able to create our own secure password. Thereafter we received notification when our reports were available for us to access and download; the whole process was very easy to navigate. The system is very efficient, both for the engineer and also for us and has reduced the time between the examination to obtaining our reports dramatically, once the fee for the work has been raised we can access our reports. As a busy plastic recycling business we use a wide range of lifting equipment, quality and consistency are of vital importance to us and any innovation that gives us quicker and easier access to the key documents that we need from our suppliers is a great benefit. SafteyPro represent many benefits, not only to the engineer but to the client as well.“

Testimonial: Mary Brown - Company Accountant
Plastic Technology Services Ltd

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